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    Automated Consumer Insights Platforms Help Agencies Achieve the New Possible

    In recent years, MR agencies’ headaches have grown as project turnaround times continue to shrink. This ever-increasing time crunch is a direct response to demands on their clients to get projects off the boards and products to market in record time. Agencies that have failed to adapt to this new, disruptive environment are finding it impossible to respond to their clients’ demands and quickly becoming outdated. On the other hand, some agencies have thrived by adopting new technologies that help them provide clients with powerful consumer insights and analytics in real time.

    In fact, many agencies have made agile solutions like Toluna’s QuickSurveys an integral part of their offering. As QuickSurveys can yield results in a matter of hours agencies can use it as part of their day-to-day project toolkit. For example, researchers can set up a survey ahead of a meeting with a client to help guide the narrative as part of ongoing client relationship management, or launch a survey in real time to enrich pitch support.

    In one example of the critical role agile insights  can play in an agency pitch, an agency needed research support for a pitch to a mobile service provider. The client needed to determine whether users in multiple markets would be willing to add services — including additional data usage or more lines — to their contracts. The client needed results in a matter of days to help guide marketing plans, and the agency also wanted to present findings at an upcoming conference. So a quick turnaround was essential.

    With the help of Toluna’s service team the agency used QuickSurveys to run a five-market survey with 10 key questions and 1,000 completes per market. It took just hours to program the surveys, with actionable results from the English-language markets in researchers’ hands in just over two days. And because data could be exported directly into the agency’s PowerPoint template, it was easy to integrate it into the client pitch, adding depth and richness. They won the pitch and the scope of work with the client also increased as a result.

    Agencies are also able to become more efficient, do more with the same resource and punch above their weight. For example a small, integrated agency was only able to assign one staffer to quant work. That meant they were unable to take on more studies and expand their business base. So they began using QuickSurveys to cut down scripting time and decrease fieldwork. Their newfound agility meant that they were able to take on an increased volume of studies that would have been previously impossible without adding to in-house resources. In just a year’s time they significantly increased quant work, and are now exp anding their team to manage the increase in business.

    In a world where tactical insights need to be on demand or not relevant, agile solutions are giving agencies the power and agility they need to leap from ideation to understanding in just hours. In this new world, advanced technologies, coupled with expert support, are creating “the new possible.”