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    Longstanding Relationships Help Clients Leap Forward

    More and more, we are working with agency clients on long-term research projects that actually lead to new product lines or entirely new corporate directions for their clients. These engagements feature innovative research techniques that allow agencies to respond quickly to their end-clients’ immediate needs and competitive threats, so they can confidently expand product and service lines to meet the demands of the global marketplace. In fact, market research agencies and end-clients alike are finding that their close and long-standing relationships with the experts at Toluna give them the security they need to make often-unexpected corporate leaps.

    Here’s a look at one recent engagement that showcases the role research studies play in major corporate advancements for agencies’ end-clients.

    MMR Research Worldwide was working with its end-client, Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), which operates nationwide beauty/pharmacy chains in the U.K. and U.S., to develop a new skincare brand. WBA wanted to ensure the new brand was based on in depth consumer knowledge so worked with MMR to inform both the product development and marketing efforts. MMR, in turn, looked to its longtime research partner Toluna for the real-world consumer insights that would enable WBA to confidently develop the new brand.

    Toluna, in partnership with MMR Research Worldwide, built a 2,000+ member skincare community of healthy skin seekers in the U.S and UK. for a two-year-long study. The study featured deep research, including detailed surveys about skin regimes and seasonal skin care. In fact, panelists became so involved in the study many regularly uploaded pictures and videos of their regimes to share with other members.

    This extensive and longstanding research gave the development team at the Walgreens Boots Alliance the ammunition they needed to create a skincare range, with the YourGoodSkinTM range being the end result. There are currently 23 products in the range. In their marketing, the Walgreens Boots Alliance mention that the range was “co-created with a community of thousands of women.”

    The range launched in September 2017 in the U.K. and U.S., is now also available in ROI, the Gulf, Norway and Thailand, and is launching in September 2019 in France, Italy and Spain. While the WBA product development team was able to use the data to develop the right products to meet potential customers’ needs, product marketing teams also benefitted. They were able to develop campaigns based on how real women used products in their daily skincare regimes. Thanks to the extensive research, they had a reservoir of information that was more than skin-deep.