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    Moving Toward Mobile – How “In the Moment” Data Capture is Changing the Way We Do Research

    Debbie Snewing, Director - Media & Communications Sector

    Smartphones and other mobile devices offer a unique and exciting data collection opportunity. That’s probably why, in the Q3/4 GRIT report, Greenbook.org noted that a combined 68 percent of marketing research and marketing professionals already use mobile research techniques on a regular basis. Another 30 percent plus are considering including mobile in their data collection tool kit.

    That’s a smart move, according to the Groupe Spéciale Mobile Association (GSMA). In its publication, The Mobile Economy 2015, they note that overall Smartphone adoption in the developed world has reached “critical mass” at 60 percent and continues to grow. For developing countries, mobile is providing a digital bridge to populations that were previously unconnected. In fact, according to the report, “mobile (is) contributing to economic and social development across the world.”

    Marketing research stands to gain by utilising mobile technology to capture respondent information. Given its growing prevalence, mobile is becoming (and already is in some places) ubiquitous. With some exceptions, most mobile device users connect those devices to the internet. Connected Smartphones and tablets offer an “always on” platform and consumers seem happy to be available 24/7. Being tethered to the internet allows the phone to be much more than a calling and texting device. Push notifications, location-based services, and passive data collection offer enormous opportunities for marketers and researchers to delve deeper into a respondent’s life.

    Mobile offers the chance to capture “in the moment” transactions and reduces dependence upon the memories of respondents. Comparing actual behavior against claimed behavior can provide researchers with more interesting insights and some ‘golden nuggets’ that may not have been visible from a single dataset.  Toluna saw the future in 2009 when it began conducting mobile surveys. That is why our platform is compatible with a wide variety of services including SMS, WAP, APP-based and Smartphones. Research is easily conducted using respondents of Toluna’s panel of over 9 million respondents, a client-provided sample, or a specially recruited proprietary panel.

    Data isn’t limited only to surveys, however. Other means of capturing data and getting the attention of respondents includes:

    • Point of Sale (POS) transaction capture
    • Retail channel usage via GPS location
    • Mystery shopping and mobile missions provide detailed and accurate validation of in-store displays and real-time feedback
    • Longitudinal data captured in the moment or via a mobile diary
    • In-store measurement and customer satisfaction at the time of purchase
    • “Push” requests for input based on a consumer’s current activity

    Toluna also recognizes that not all clients are sitting at a desk. Therefore, all of Toluna products, Panel Portal, Quicksurveys, and TolunaAnalytics, are mobile compatible. By design, Toluna’s suite of products looks and reads as well on mobile devices as they do on desktop computers. This attention to detail allows clients to confidently reach their customers on whatever device is best for them.