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    The Toluna Panel: A Unique Asset

    Laurent Sabouret, SVP Global Community & Engagement

    These days, as consumers fall prey to more and more distractions in the digital universe, it has become harder and harder to assemble an appropriate sample of engaged, committed survey-takers for clients. That makes the Toluna panel, which now numbers more than 9 million worldwide, an asset unique in the industry.

    The company recently published its annual Panel Book outlining the growth and development of the panel and defining capabilities around it.

    Worldwide and Specialized

    Of course, the sheer magnitude of the panel sits at the top of the list of benefits. And the panel keeps growing, both in numbers and reach. As the book notes, there are now panels in 49 countries, with new countries added each year. And that kind of growth continues, as the company reaches into new areas in response to requests from clients. If, for instance, we’re getting requests for a panel in a specific market, we respond by establishing a new panel in that country.

    The size and reach of the Toluna panel means that we are able to establish specialized panels, matching a number of client criteria. For example, we can quickly respond to a client’s request for a special automotive panel of males from 18 to 25.

    A Community Approach: At the Root of Our Success

    The company has been able to build and sustain its impressive panel because of its unique approach to panel-building. The panel stands alone in the industry as a true community, where members can interact with one another, getting answers to questions from fellow community members and posting information themselves. This kind of broad involvement keeps clients engaged and makes them much more likely to take and complete the surveys that come their way.

    We also keep members engaged with an easy-to-use mobile app, creating an effortless mobile experience for members, who can easily complete surveys anywhere, anytime. We recognize that—in an age filled with distractions—we need to tailor survey experiences to fit into clients’ busy lives.

    Our community managers continue to build on the success of our panel approach. For example, they reach outside of Toluna.com to engage with members through social media, offering contests and webinars to keep members involved even when they’re not on the community site.

    As the Toluna panel continues to grow in both size and scope, it’s certain that next year’s Panel Book will reflect even more growth—translating to the ability to serve our clients in an ever-more complete and specialized way.