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    Market Research Goes Mobile

    Cécile Dourthe, Marketing Manager

    As the Greenbook’s Annual GRIT report shows Online Communities are technologies Market Research Professionals are “already using” rather than just “considering”.  This would seem to indicate that communities for market research are now mainstream.  Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) are not the new kid on the block anymore, although they do continue to bring in double digit growth.  As communities must adapt to the ever-evolving MR landscape, the question is,of course, ‘what’s next?’ In a word, Mobile.

    While I always said that 2003 was the year “MR went online”, I predict that 2014 will be the year “MR goes mobile”.  We’ve talked about mobile for years, done ROR to figure out the best approach, gone through the pains of dealing with different platforms, providers, and now it’s time has finally come.

    The combination of MROC with mobile (and social media) is very powerful.  You can now very easily build a community of your customers, conduct surveys, hold discussions, co-create products, measure c-sat, test products, concepts.  What will make these communities even more powerful is taking them on the road.  Accessing community members through their mobile devices empowers you to capture all their thinking and opinions ‘in the moment.’

    Online diaries, which were so hard to do in the past and subject to recall, are now a snap as mobile diary technology enables respondents to record their purchase behavior as it happens – add to that their commentary on social media and you’ve got a much more complete picture of your customer’s insights.  But, more on social media in my next post 😉