Thought Leadership in an Age of Innovation

Faina Shmulyian, Senior Director, Research Science

Never before has there been so much change and innovation across the market research industry. We are collecting new forms and huge amounts of data and finding more accurate and meaningful ways of analyzing that data for our clients. We believe that this is a time when thought leadership across the industry is more important than ever before. Leaders across the industry should communicate constantly and in a variety of ways to guarantee that the data and analyses we pass on to our clients satisfy the highest requirements of modern businesses.

That communication should take place in a number of different ways, including publications in various magazines and professional journals; participation in any one of a number of organizations focusing on maintaining high industry standards; participation in any of the industry conferences that take place on a regular basis; or simply in conversations with other researchers. These allow us to uphold quality standards and best practices across the industry.

Assurance for Our Clients

Our clients want to be assured that the data and analysis they receive in our work with them provide the most accurate and useful insights for them. One of the ways for us to achieve this, is aligning with other researchers across the industry and working as a community to maintain quality in a time of constant change and innovation. In other words, we are seeking a standardization of quality measures and best practices.

Of course, this kind of collaboration does not mean we ever lose sight of the need for our own innovative work to develop new proprietary products and technology, but simply that we, as leaders in the industry, have a responsibility to share the work we do toward developing standards and best practices.

We have an extensive experience in collecting and fusing data of all kinds—including sales data and social media. We are developing innovative technology for templated and automated research. We are currently focusing on mobile and device agnostic applications, and this cutting edge work puts us at the forefront of the industry.

What the Future Holds

The trend toward finding more and better ways of collecting and analyzing data for our clients can only continue in the future. That makes our work in setting and maintaining high standards even more difficult and complex. But as someone involved in this work on a daily basis, I can only say that I also find it much more fascinating!