’Real Time Research’ – Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO, Toluna Explains Toluna’s New Research

Frédéric Charles Petit, Chief Executive

Toluna, leading provider of on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights, recently announced the new standard for  ‘Real-Time Research’  giving Toluna QuickSurveys customers the ability to receive 1,000+ completed interviews amongst nationally representative respondents within hours. This promise spans 21 countries throughout North America, South America, EMEA and Asia Pacific, and all projects complete within a few hours to less than a day.

The QuickSurveys platform is one of the most advanced DIY market research tools in the industry. It provides a suite of ready-to-use survey designs, in addition to a best-in-class data reporting, analysis and visualization platform. Toluna’s QuickSurveys platform was launched in 2009, and the product continues to grow. Clients include Amazon, Walt Disney, P&G, Samsung, Colgate, Coca-Cola, dunnhumby and many more.

Frederic-Charles Petit, CEO, Toluna, talked about the evolution of this breakthrough, and what it means to Toluna customers and the market research industry.

Question: Is this offering the result of a long-term trend at Toluna?

Answer: Yes. Since 2010, we’ve been singularly focused on building our business to deliver real-time insight to customers. The survey community was built to engage members in real-time – globally, and our survey and analytics platform now enables us to provide customers with insight in real-time.

Question: Is this development also the result of a trend toward “the need for speed” in the industry?

Answer: Definitely. Speed and technology are the new standards to digitalize the market research industry.  We’ve not said this, our clients have.  This need is set by them.

Question: How are clients responding to the new offering?

Answer: Marketers have been incredibly excited about this ‘Real-Time Research offering  the capabilities it offers. Not only can we deliver 1,000 completes within hours, marketers can now obtain consumer feedback on-demand. They see survey responses immediately upon project launch via our real-time reporting and data visualization platform, and can access research to make more informed decisions – no matter how pressed for time they are. Again, this is a game-changing approach to the market demand for speed with accuracy.

Delivering on the Promise

Toluna guarantees 1,000 completed interviews within 24 hours in the following 21 countries:

  • North America: United States, Canada and Mexico
  • South America: Brazil
  • EMEA: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Russia.
  • Asia Pacific: Australia, India, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea.

Click here to read Toluna’s ‘Real-Time Resarch’ press release.