Technology to Make Insight Gathering an All-in-One Service

Delia Sibrac, Director of Product Management

Toluna has always prided itself on being THE place where clients can find all their market research needs met. Clients have learned that they can come to us with a range of questions and come away with the answers they need. That quality has become increasingly important, as constantly accelerating competition in the global marketplace has impacted businesspeople everywhere. While it has always been important for businesses to have the insights they need to make decisions, they are now under pressure to gain those insights in almost real time and at a fraction of what they used to cost.

So, across the industry, insight providers are moving toward providing clients with faster, better, cheaper, ways of gaining the insights they need to make critical business decisions. A huge component of that effort is, of course, the integration of new technology into the insight gathering process. This is the engine that gives us the power to bring together the whole range of market research services and provide ultimate convenience for our clients.

One-Stop-Shop for Insights

As companies are faced with increasingly more complex business challenges, and need to answer tougher and tougher questions, it’s more important than ever that partners like us develop new ways to help answer those questions quickly and seamlessly.  Our clients are looking for a consultative partnership where we can suggest a range of solutions based on the challenge at hand.  Our focus must be on continuing to develop our suite of technology solutions to better serve the growing needs of our clients.

Since its inception, Toluna has been a technology leader in the insight gathering industry. So it is hardly surprising that we are at the forefront of the move to employ the latest technology to bring together—in one convenient package—all the services a client needs to gain necessary insights.

The new developments our R&D team are constantly working hard on, are just a few examples of how the company—and the industry—is constantly evolving to meet the ever-growing demand for the insights business leaders need, when, how and where they need them.  Stay tuned as we unveil even more new technologies!