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    Moving Beyond Automation

    Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President, Digital Products

    Faster, cheaper, better are words we often hear from clients as they strive to accomplish all that’s on their plates while facing time, staffing and budgetary pressures. Being able to do more with less is driving clients to seek innovations and re-imagining ways to achieve business goals. Conducting studies the same old way just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially when it comes to understanding customer insights. As noted in the Q1/2 2016 Grit report, researchers want “the chance to make better decisions faster across the spectrum from Ideation through Launch and renovation.” (Pg. 69)

    Automation has been the game-changer, as it has revolutionized many research activities. By automating processes and procedures in the online space and developing an extensive global community, research that used to take weeks can take days or hours. Online surveys constructed with thoughtful mouse clicks take mere minutes to create.

    The online market research industry is just tapping into its immense potential, settling into spaces where traditional (read: phone, mail, IVR, face-to-face qualitative) market research once reigned supreme. Automation has changed and continues to change market research.

    But at Toluna, something radical, revolutionary and disruptive is afoot.

    Technology may have transformed the landscape of market research, but there is much more that needs to be accomplished to satisfy researchers who want “to use new methodologies to … generate more accurate and actionable results faster and at lower costs.” (Grit Report Q1/2 2016, page 69)

    The impossible is now possible. Stay tuned to this space for a major announcement in mid-September. We’re changing the way market research is done—and we’re just getting started.