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    Automation and Innovation: Simplifying and Expanding the Possibilities for Digital Insights

    Richard Merrick, Senior Director, Product Automation

    Automation today has advanced far beyond what many may have thought possible just a few short years ago. Advancing technology plays a role, but automation in large part is due to the innovate spirit driving forward to answer an expressed need. The introduction of a thermostat that learns and programs itself has reduced energy use in homes across the U.S. Smart refrigerators mean no more running out of milk as the appliance will order it for you when it detects the milk is getting low. And who would have thought that driverless cars would be a reality? Well, they aren’t a total reality yet, but they’re coming.

    My point is this – automation coupled with insightful innovation has changed the way we live, work and even commute. Businesses, too, are seeking ways to automate processes and functions to increase productivity and reduce the burden of repetitive activities. This is particularly evident in market research, where our clients are often tasked with multiple responsibilities that have them moving at an exhausting pace. Being able to work smarter and faster isn’t a nicety for them; it’s a necessity.

    We are always listening to what our clients need. They push our DIY tools to the very limits – and then ask us, “What if?” Our clients challenge us to continue innovating to simplify processes and increase the level of complexity possible. This is why the SampleXpress product is launching some much-anticipated enhancements designed to boost efficiencies and make the product more robust to address increasingly complex research designs.

    Automation Made Even Better

    As we think about our clients’ needs, we are always looking to improve and optimize our platforms to make their lives easier.  Researchers are always looking for even more targeted respondents, increased efficiencies, and more complex methodology features in the tools they’re using.  At Toluna, we’re answering that need by continued innovation.

    Automation Enhances Processes, Doesn’t Replace People

    For all its power, automation is enhancing the traditional online research process and supporting, not replacing, the thought leaders – the market researchers – whose expertise is essential to achieving study objectives. They are the engine that drives research forward.

    For our part, as automation and innovation experts, we will continue to work collaboratively with our clients, and listen to the needs within the industry to identify and introduce advancements that streamline the processes in ways that free time, reduce effort and produce actionable results.