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    Have you been customizing your Toluna QuickSurveys?

    Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President, Digital Products

    T-Mobile CEO John J. Legere was recently quoted as saying, “When you ask your customers what they want and you give it to them, they love it.” And what better way to ask your customers (or employees, students, and beyond!) what they want, than with a well-constructed survey?

    Every well-put-together survey has a number of successful aspects. The questions are phrased in a clear, concise way that allow users to answer honestly, and a variety of question types keep users on their toes, as a couple of examples.

    And now, we are proud to announce yet another powerful feature you can leverage to create effective, visually-pleasing surveys: Customization. When the look and feel of your survey matches the rest of your branding in terms of color and logo, your respondents can focus, distraction-free, on answering the questions you need them to.

    Simply click the new “Customize your Survey” icon (as shown below), and choose your colors. You can select them directly from the color grid, or enter your desired color Hex code to achieve the look you want.


    Also, if you’re a brand, school, or other type of organization; you can even include your logos in your survey, creating a look that’s cohesive with the rest of your branding, and that your survey respondents will easily identify. And your customized look will be reflected on any device, as QuickSurvey’s Survey Customizer is fully mobile compatible and allows for a seamless respondent experience.

    Easy Steps for Customization

    As shown above, the Customization icon is right on the Define Your Survey page, alongside where you enter the title, category, and thumbnail. Once you click on that icon, you’ll be able to easily customize the colors of your survey.

    Once the Customize Your Survey screen has appeared, simply select right from the color palate, or enter your Hex colors for each of these sections:

    1. Text, progress bar and navigation buttons
    2. Selection buttons
    3. Header & Footer


    And as we mentioned before, you can even choose to display your brand logo as the thumbnail image for a completely customized experience. Your changes will be instantly reflected, and you can preview your survey as it will appear to respondents to see if you like the look of it or not. You can even revert back to the default colors, if need be. Once you have these set, they will be reflected on each new page of your survey that you create.

    Have additional questions about this, or another aspect of Toluna QuickSurveys? Feel free to consult our FAQ page, or to contact our Support Team at any time.

    Happy Surveying!