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    Toluna QuickSurveys – A Hypothetical Case Study

    Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President, Digital Products

    For decades, end clients and market research firms alike have been working to get a finger on the pulse of the consumers they’re trying to reach. However, there really has not been one easily accessed, easily utilized, unifying tool that both stakeholders (end clients and research firms) can take advantage of to reach the consumers and gather the insights that they need. Especially in a case where time or budgetary constraints make a traditional MR study simply not an option.

    Until now, that is. Toluna QuickSurveys is that singular survey platform that has been missing from the industry; the one that both MR firms and their end clients alike can turn to for both general studies, and especially when they are in a time or budgetary pinch. But instead of me sitting here, and typing out what would amount to essentially a sales pitch, a hypothetical case study might show the benefits for both groups in a more entertaining way. Let’s dive in.


    The Problem

    End Client has launched a new product that mimics a competitor’s product, but is better on a variety of key points. A massive advertising campaign is launched to introduce the new product. After a week of heavy advertising during targeted TV shows and specific radio shows/drive times, and blitzing social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.), the Client decides to see just how well their message is getting across.

    So he launches a short survey on Toluna Quicksurveys, accessing our on-demand panel of over 9 million global consumers. Responses come pouring in, and less than 24 hours later, he sees the bad news. The messaging isn’t cutting through. Awareness is low and of those who are aware, interest in the new product is barely registering. Now, it’s time to act. He pulls his team together along with the ad agency to revise the advertising. They needed something new, NOW. Two days later, concepts are ready for testing.

    At the same time, MR exec gets a call. It’s End Client and he’s none too happy. She listens as the client details the results from the Toluna survey. Bad news. Client presses that new research must be done to identify winning ad concepts.


    The Solution

    MR exec jumps into action and pulls her team together. When the new marketing concepts are ready, so is the market research survey. Knowing the robust nature of the Toluna Panel, the MR Exec ALSO chooses to use the Quicksurvey tool to test the concepts since time is of the essence, and they didn’t have an online panel. Again, less than 24 hours later, the results point to a clear winner. She calls the Client with the news. A new ad plan is outlined. Three days later, new ads hit TV, radio, and social media.

    The new ads resonate immediately; the launch is saved and the product is a hit.


    While that is just one (hypothetical) example, the combination of cost and time reduction that QuickSurveys can provide as opposed to a traditional MR study really can’t be overstated. Whether you are a market researcher, or an end client; you can now more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively ask consumers what you need to know, than ever before. Test awareness of your products, the product concepts themselves, the marketing around your products, and SO much more, all on our intuitive DIY survey platform. Indeed, no longer do marketers or researchers have to worry about the respondent panel, or the survey platform; you just have to ask the questions.