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    AAPOR, ESOMAR & WAPOR launch the first-ever online research course for journalists

    Philippe Guilbert, SVP Quality & Innovation, Managing Director France

    Toluna solutions reinforce a key development in the market research industry, providing automation and real-time research benefits. This further allows for the democratization of research that allows just about anyone to launch surveys, and obtain real-time insight.

    Opinion remains the showcase of research

    With the upcoming presidential elections in the United States and France in particular, the opinion polls are an essential showcase for studies. But it is not enough to ask questions to conduct a survey. There is a science behind what we do.

    It is therefore particularly important to explain to the media how to navigate the multiplication of sources and figures during campaign periods. For the first time in the history of our industry, the two associations specialized in Opinion (American Association for Public Opinion Research, World Association for Public Opinion Research) have joined ESOMAR to produce this course for journalists. I am personally much honored to have made a small contribution to the side of the highly reputed international experts like Ray Poynter and Kathy Frankovic!

    Useful explanations for everybody

    I also recommend this course to anyone interested in surveys, teachers, researchers or just users. It explains very clearly the main methodological principles, the different collection methods and how to analyze and use the results. These advices are useful for market and social research as well. The ease to launch studies on digital platforms must not forget the methodological rules to respect in the platform, that is the reason why Toluna is investing largely in R&D and testing, and in the user side too.

    This free online course is accessible here: http://www.newsu.org/courses/understanding-and-interpreting-polls-international

    Philippe Guilbert is administrator at Syntec Etudes and member of Esomar Professional Standards Committee