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    Giving Clients the Power to Understand Their Customers’ Attitudes

    Peter Shafer, Vice President, Digital Solutions

    For some time now, clients have been clamoring for new and different types of intelligence about how customers perceive their products. These clients want a whole range of data that give them an in-depth look at exactly where their product stands in the eyes of their customers—not just in relationship to other direct competitors, but to other sets of non-traditional competitors they may not even have previously considered.

    And they want an easier way to synthesize information from all types of data sources out there, including of course social media and transactional data. The challenge for the market research industry has been that, in order to compete effectively in their various markets, customers need this data faster than ever before.

    That, without a doubt, is where automation comes in. Automation has caused and continues to cause significant disruption in every industry, and market research is no different.

    The Science Behind Helping Our Customers Stay Competitive

    At Toluna, we have responded to the call for more efficient and comprehensive assessment of customer attitudes through consistent and continued emphasis on the development of new technology, new platforms and automating various research activities. For example the QuickSurveys suite of automated products, allows our global clients to field surveys in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of custom surveys and get access to breakthrough insights almost immediately.

    And we have recently added to that suite a new module—PowerAttitudes.

    PowerAttitudes uses various metrics that have been automated and measure a wide range of data about customer usage and attitudes.  This automation  simplifies various measures providing a clearer picture of how products stack up against competitors across categories and industry verticals. For example, Coke, can develop an algorithm to compare itself not just to other soft drinks, but to bottled water products or other new entries into the marketplace.

    By creating an automated way to synthesize data from a variety of sources and consumer responses, users can see clear action steps that the company can take to make the results really count. For example, if a product scores high on likability, there are steps presented to make the most of that result.

    Automation Will Continue to Push the Envelope

    Automated tools are clearly an evolution of the continued move in the industry to offer clients the best that technology has to offer. That trend can only continue, and we’ll see more and more types of innovative solutions available that are completely turnkey.

    What needs to evolve faster is the client’s acceptance that these automated tools provide both accuracy and specificity in a more cost effective way.  By automating the “metrics” that lead to breakthrough strategies, companies like Toluna are allowing all types of companies to digest better insights and disrupt consumer marketplaces.