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    Predictions for the Pharma Market Research Industry in 2016

    Steve Orlick, RVP Healthcare

    Today’s researchers are armed with better, faster and more in-depth ways of gathering new insight.  For several years, the healthcare research industry has been working on how to better utilize these new technologies and methodologies.  2016 offers opportunities for us to evolve the way that we collect data and we will see major shifts in how we gather insights for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, especially as many physicians and patients have begun to embrace technology as a means of providing feedback, and keeping track of medical information.

    More than ever before, there is a demand for clients to receive deeper insights faster and at lower cost, and that demand is going to continue to increase in 2016.  In many ways, healthcare research has been the exception as the industry expects higher costs and longer lead times to gather the insights needed.  This is not the case any longer.  Technology is giving us the opportunity automate our research processes and gather quick insights from consumers, so what is preventing us from using these same methods for medical professionals?

    As we consider automating our methodologies, and combine this with automated data visualization tools, the result is the opportunity to increase our clients’ speed-to-insight and allow them to react more quickly than ever before.  Projects that used to require a much longer timeline to guide critical business decisions can now be completed in a matter of days.  This major increase in speed-to-insight is bound to revolutionize how the pharma research industry helps clients, and 2016 is the year for that change.