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    What Market Research Clients Want Today

    Katie Gross, RVP Sales

    Bringing It All Together in One Package

    It’s no longer simple. We know that market research clients want answers to questions to help them in critical decision-making, and they want the process to be faster and easier than ever before. In fact, they NEED the process to be faster, easier, and more targeted than ever if they are going to remain ahead of the pack in their particular industry.

    Automation is Just One Component

    The need for speed of course leads us directly to automation. Clients—and especially smaller agencies—want to be able to run projects when and where they want, without dealing with the vendor. They want a plug-and-play solution that gives them the freedom to create and manage surveys at will. And they also want the convenience of automated analysis tools to help them sort through the piles of data that now come in from an ever-growing range of sources.  In fact, the recent GRIT (Greenbook Research Industry Trends) Report shows that Designers & Data Visualization Experts are the most in-demand skills researchers are looking for – 63% are recruiting expertise in this category in the coming year.  Roles like this reinforce the importance of data telling a story that can help to drive important decision-making.

    But here’s where it gets complicated: Clients also want to understand how to navigate through all the territory where they can find answers to questions about their customers’ needs and brand awareness. Of course that means understanding social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and how to best use them in their research. The recent GRIT (Greenbook Research Industry Trends) Report reveals that 53% of clients surveyed are using social media analytics as part of their research program, while only 41% of suppliers are offering solutions.

    These days it also means understanding mobile and effectively incorporating it into projects. Clients want to reach younger customers, so they need to know how to master and use the apps that interface directly with their young customers’ mobile devices. The GRIT Report makes the bold claim that “Research still doesn’t get mobile”, highlighting that more than 50% of all surveys are not currently mobile optimized.  As we move forward, we must become expert in these emerging technologies and provide clients with not only best in class solutions, but also the expertise to guide the use of these new technologies, to get the most out of the information provided.

    A Partner to Bring It All Together

    So, while our clients large and small crave the independence that automation can bring, we’re finding more and more that they need a true partner who can show them how and where to effectively use the new tools that now seem to appear in the industry on an almost daily basis.

    One of the ways we’ve learned we can “bring it all together” for our clients is by creating bundles of products and services that work together to give them the independence, agility and power they need to reach a wide range of customers. By starting off at the beginning of the year with an understanding of the client goals, pared with all the tools and support to meet their own individual needs, we’re offering the gift of confidence. They know they’ll have what it takes to stay connected to their customer base throughout the year. And we’re always there to help them adjust and modify their programs when conditions change or they’re faced with a new challenge. Isn’t that what a true partner should do?