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    Content is King…Again! Good News for Market Research

    Janice Caston, VP Global Marketing

    According to a recent Adobe/Econsultancy survey, content marketing coupled with social media engagement was the top priority for 36 percent of marketers in 2014. This focus on engagement and the development of content is expected to continue in 2016.  Marketers understand that they’re only as good as their last post, and good content helps them differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive, always connected, real-time world.

    In many cases, content can be difficult to come by, and further, content that’s effective on a company website won’t be well-suited for an email or social media campaign. Companies need to have different messages, as consumers are connected to their brand in many different ways – creating an almost infinite need for content that’s fresh and compelling.

    Here’s the great news for the market research—just as we see the opportunity to help organizations begin to realize the potential of big data, we can help marketers produce content they need to engage consumers across the multiple channels they now find essential to their marketing program and ensuring relevancy with customers.  We have another, new role to play within the organization.

    Thinking Beyond the Infographic            

    In some cases, we’ve seen clients create bespoke communities to generate customer insight, based on social media behaviors to inform social strategies, and organic content creation.  Not surprisingly, we’re seeing content marketers use market research, and DIY surveys to inform content strategies and generate valuable content, including statistics that serve as the basis for social media posts, and shared content.

    Clearly, as consumers use more and more devices to access brand information on more and more channels, the need for fresh, engaging content is only going to increase at a faster and faster rate. So brand marketers will be turning more and more to market research for the steady flow of content they need. And, with the availability of tools and powerful analytics in real-time, market research is the perfect partner in an age when content is king again.