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    It’s About Simplifying: Embedding Research Technology in Projects

    Michael Dawson, Director of Multinational Accounts

    These days, staying competitive in the market research industry means streamlining processes to make it easier and faster for clients to complete research projects so they can get the customer data and analytics they need to stay out ahead of the competition. That’s where the integration of a product like QuickSurveys into a client’s overall research program comes in.

    Enter Embedded Research Technology

    Thanks to the development of products like Toluna’s QuickSurvey, clients can easily build research projects 24/7 and in real-time. QuickSurveys can work hand-in-hand with existing research products and enables a streamlined internal process, meaning less time and resource in delivering projects. When these technologies are built into client platforms, an intuitive, user-friendly interface is created, making it possible for anyone at the company to manage the project, from anywhere and at any time. This decreases complexity dramatically, while increasing efficiency and accuracy.

    The decision to embed our technologies in our client’s offerings evolved from our work with a major research agency who were anxious to automate research processes to decrease project complexity. The agency found they were able to achieve just that, and are now exploring embedding more automated technologies into research projects. That success has prompted us to initiate discussions with other clients toward following a similar path.

    Along with simplifying research projects, embedding the most advanced technology in research projects has another major benefit: It increases speed-to-insight and allows clients to react to new findings in real-time. Just as marketers are focused on getting the right advertising message to the right person at the right time, researchers need new ways to support their clients with smart, real-time market research.  This move towards automation offers a real benefit to our clients and can prove to be a major differentiator, especially in highly competitive industries.

    We feel that embedded automated research technology will be a significant factor in shaping the future of the MR industry.  The demand for simplicity, automation and real time insights will only become more pressing, so expect to see further innovation in this area.